The Career and Philanthropy of Hussain Sajwani

The Hussain Sajwani family has been in the lime light since President Donald Trump invited them to his celebration party after he won the elections. While giving his speech, he did not forget to thank the muslim family, saying that they were the most beautiful people he had the privilege of knowing.

For those wondering how Donald Trump managed to have Muslim friends even after making public his hatred for the Muslims, Hussain Sajwani is not his political friend.

In many interviews, this question has been raised to Hussain but he has insisted that his friendship with Donald Trump is only business-focused. He continues to talk of how he loves to use big brands to make his properties sell. In the past, he has branded his properties with some of the biggest international brands including Buggati and Versace.

He said that in doing business with Donald Trump, it was all about what his brand could offer. Trump is known as a leading developer of golf courses. And, because luxury is his specialty, Sajwani only works with powerful brands that connotes opulence.

Hussain Sajwani Before Donald Trump Lime Light

Hussain Sajwani is a businessman with a fair share of popularity even before he began working with Trump. He is listed to be among the top 100 richest Arabs. His wealth comes from two industries, catering and real estate. Learn more about Hussain Sajwani:

When Hussain Sajwani qquit his contract manager job at GASCO, in the year 1982, he decided that there was more money to be made by being an entrepreneur in the service industry. With the business experience he had obtained from working in his father’s watch shop and selling time-share apartments, and money saved from this venture, he started his first business.

He went deep into catering but never lost sight of his real love, the real estate industry. He saved money from the catering business and with this, he began building small hotel. With time the real-estate business grew and he began specializing in developing luxurious properties.


The Damac Owner loves to give the destitute. He recently donated $2 million to a campaign launched by His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum to clothe children around the world. With this money, more than 50,000 children are bound to get clothing.

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