Karl Heideck On Pennsylvania Employment Laws

As a business person in Pennsylvanian, you need to know how labor regulations can affect your workforce within the region either positively or negatively. Employment law involves extensive aspects of the business world. Some of the regulations are specific to your area of expertise while others can be applied broadly.

The Fair Standards Act stipulates the procedures to be followed and what to consider to pay your employees minimum wage. It involves overtime, tabulation, and recording of working hours and posting the FLSA requirements within your premises at a place that it can be seen easily. The FLSA is a federal rule, and therefore it does not override the state laws. In case the employer does not know whether to use federal or state minimum wage, it’s advisable to pick the highest among the two.

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The Family and Medical Leave Act allows the eligible employees to take leave in case they need to seek medical attention or they have a family related issue. The employer is not authorized to penalize them in any way. The leave is unpaid, and an employee can take a maximum of 12 weeks of unpaid leave per year. The valid reasons for the leave include adopting or foster parenting a new child, need to take care of children, parents or spouses with a serious health problem. Having a new baby or taking care of a baby less than one-year-old, can’t perform their jobs due to serious health issues or when a military spouse, offspring or parents get injured, and they have to take care of them.

The age discrimination in employment act helps to ensure that both old and young are given the same rights without discriminating on the older person. Equal Employment Laws prohibits hiring and employment discriminating on sex, race, religion, age, national origin, and disability.

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