Daniel Mark Harrison, Using Innovation to Elevate Monkey Capital’s Status

Monkey Capital is a Singapore-based block-chain investment bank, doubling up as a decentralized digital asset which is currently led by David Mark Harrison, the managing partner. Recently, it was featured in the news by being the pacesetter in successfully trading COEVAL, pre-ICO options with Waves Decentralized Exchange. It is anticipated that this “billion dollar baboon” is a product that would be an unbeatable asset in the future.

Daniel Mark Harrison confirms this and says that the company would now be upgraded to Monkey.com, having spent a fortune of $500,000 to make it happen. Before this acquisition, the monkey.com was a possession of another company which had its control since 1994. With its newly acquired asset, Monkey Capital has showcased a rapid growth and a promising lead in Block-chain development and has a massive fan-base of digital asset fanatics.

The bargain is logical and worthwhile considering that the returns anticipated would compensate that by far. With this, Monkey Capital will be the only company in the market in consulting and tech development, and also that comes up with combined media using Crypto. Sure enough, the seller is closely involved to ensure clarity of operation to utilize the system to its maximum.

Daniel Mark Harrison holds a Master’s degree in journalism from the University of New York and a Master of Business Administration from BI Norwegian Business School. He was also privileged to have a one year study of Theology at the University of Oxford. With all these business knowledge acquired, it is not a surprise that Mark Harrison commands respect in the business sector. He has grown in entrepreneurship securing him a top position at Monkey Capital.

Daniel Mark Harrison is an all-round person with a vast career life ranging from authorship, media expertise, to entrepreneurship. He has a top position in a family office, the Daniel Mark Harrison Co. where he has the position as chairman and CEO and targets to boost the growth of the family assets. Thanks to his acquired skills, he has been able to transform the family initiative into the desired empire it is today.

Among his other achievements is the publishing of his book, Butterflies: The Strange Metamorphosis of Fact & Fiction in Today’s World. His work was acknowledged by Azeem Khan, a culture critic for the Huffington Post who appreciates his approach in bringing in ideas in literature.