Dick DeVos’ Excellent Leadership Skills and Passion for Philanthropy

Richard Martin DeVos, commonly known as Dick DeVos, is a renowned American business man and entrepreneur. He is married to Betty DeVos, who is currently the US education secretary. Dick has had a very successful career.


Dick’s career started out at Amway Corporation, where he worked from1974 to 2002. He achieved a lot during his time at Amway Corporation. He worked in the finance, sales and marketing as well as R&D departments. After just 10 years, he was appointed vice president of the company and in this position, he was in charge of the company’s foreign operations.


By the time he was leaving, foreign sales made up about half of the company’s total annual sales, from just 5% when he was appointed VP. That was no mean feat, and it did not just come by luck. It was largely because the good leadership he provided. Dick left Amway shortly in 1992 to pursue other personal interests but returned in 1993 and immediately became the president. The company continued to grow in leaps and bounds under his leadership.


Like any other business, Amway faced some challenges along the way, and Dick DeVos had to make some very tough decisions. He had to lay off more than 1,000 employees and restructure the company in order to ensure its survival. He handled the challenges Amway faced very well, and by the time he was leaving the company (by then Alticor) in 2002, it was back on its feet and performing exceptionally well. After leaving Alticor, Dick DeVos joined The Windquest Group and became its president.




Dick DeVos and his wife have always been passionate about education and they both served on the Education Freedom Fund. Dick served on the Michigan State Board of Education for two years. He has also made a lot of donations to various charitable organizations that advocate for the improvement of education in the US. Through the Dick and Betty DeVos Foundation, they have helped a lot of poor children get access to quality education.




Dick DeVos has impacted the lives of many children through his involvement in various initiatives to ensure that poor children get a good education. In addition to his position at Windquest, he serves on the boards of several non-profit organizations. All these responsibilities can be overwhelming but Dick DeVos manages to give each the time and attention it deserves.


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