Academy of Art University: Graduates Offering a Peek of the Future in Runway Shows

The future of fashion involves eco-friendliness, diversity, and visionary touches of exciting, new talent. This is something that the Academy of Art University understands, which is why they have heavily invested in a scholastic program that attracts and nurtures talent from all over the world. Many are seeing how serious and effective this school is through The School of Fashion at the Academy of Art University’s 21st runway. This show just took place, and it seems that the school is preparing more showcases presenting their graduates. The 2017 runway show took place at the Skylight Clarkson Square, and it highlighted outerwear for both sexes.


The school used to be called Academy of Art College, but it changed its name not too long ago. It is true that the school’s name has changed a number of times since its inception, but that is done to reflect the school’s ever-growing evolution. The school was erected by Richard S. Stephens back in the late 1920s though at that time it was called the Academy of Advertising Art. At the time, the college focused on the art of advertising, but it now understands how important fashion is.


The school is made up of 283 accredited and experienced teachers who are eager to teach students who are willing to learn. This number may seem big, but its actually quite small compared with the breathtaking amount of students that attend the school, which could be close to 12,600 students. Of course, the school breaks these students apart to make teaching easier, and it has also hired a teaching staff force of 1154 professionals ready to make the learning experience a little easier.


The school is a privately-owned school and sits as a pillar of education in San Francisco, California. Many of the students who attend love being next to the metropolis of San Francisco where they get to enjoy a beautiful marketplace that continues to change. The school is considered one of the largest art and design schools in the country, and the number of students that attend supports that claim. There is no doubt that good things are coming out of this school, including their widely attended fashion runway shows.